Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sickness Sucks

Ok, so when your kids are sick, it's naturally your mothers instinct that kicks in & allows you to fight off the fatigue & illness & care for your kiddos. But what happens when your husband gets sick? Yup, that's the boat I'm in now. Daddy seemed to have escaped the "plague" (flu) that had visited us all a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday, it hit him & it hit him HARD! So, I've been running around ragged caring for my sick hubby. He's actually got it WORSE than the kids had it. So what to do? 
Well obviously, the ONLY thing to do is suck it up & care for him. Lol. Whoever said being a homemaker wasn't a job has clearly never been one! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Long Break

Obviously it's been a while since I last posted. Being that as I yet I still don't  have any followers, I don't really see a problem with this (lol). 
Things have changed (obviously) in the past couple of years. I'm getting ready to celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary this April, my youngest "baby" will be 12 this March, my oldest will be 15 in May & my middle child just turned 13 in October 2013. I'm almost 33 & the mother of two teens & a pre-teen. Where did the time go? 
Hopefully I'll be able to actually maintain my blog this time around, if for nothing else, so I can write these notes to myself. Ha!